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Civil Law in Hungary

Civil Law in Hungary

The Hungarian legal system

Hungary is an independent, democratic and constitutional state. It is a parliamentary republic and has a civil law systemHungary’s legal system accepts the universal rules and regulations of international law and it aligns its internal laws with the obligations assumed under international law. The codification of the Hungarian Civil Code took place in 1959, however, at that time the Socialist legal system still had influence on the Code.

Certain changes had to be made, as specified in the Constitution, so that the Hungarian Civil Code could align itself to the post-socialist era. These changes generally refer to Hungary’s economy, State Property, guarantees for the right to property and other issues. The Civil Law regulations apply not only to local citizens, but also to those who are interested in completing immigration procedures in Hungary. If you need a civil lawyer in another country, such as the UAE, we can put you in touch with our partners.

The Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary

Act IV of 1959 governs financial and personal relations between the citizen, the state, the Government and economic and civic organizations. It protects property rights and inherent rights and lawful interests. It also protects all of the ownership forms stipulated in the Constitution.

In exercising rights and fulfilling obligations, all parties must act in good faith and honesty. The Act also prohibits the abuse of rights.

In terms of legal capacity, part two of the Act stipulates that all persons in the Republic of Hungary have legal capacity and are entitled to rights and obligations. Legal capacity is equal regardless of sex, race or religion. Contracts and unilateral statements that limit legal capacity are considered null.

Apart from provisions regarding general persons, Act IV of 1959 stipulates the legal framework for ownership and possession (possession rights, acquisition of ownership, etc.), contract law (general rules, conclusion, representation and other issues) and it also refers to the inheritance law. Please address to our Hungarian law firm for advice on any other type of law applicable in this country. You can obtain in-depth information on the legislation regulating the activity of companies, the regulations related to intellectual property and trademarks, the legislation related to foreign investments and others. Besides offering you information about civil law in Hungary, get legal assistance from our lawyers with other matters too. For instance, if you believe you are qualified to apply for citizenship in Hungary, our lawyers can assist you. You are welcome to contact our lawyers to learn more about these matters. Note that with legal assistance, you can apply for citizenship easily and avoid unnecessary delays.

The new Hungarian Civil Code

As of March 2014 the Civil Law in Hungary has a new Civil Code. The areas of law that have been amended are: family law, company law, law regarding civic organizations. The new Hungarian Civil Code is based on the autonomy of the individual.

Some of the new provisions of the Civil Code include:

  • –       higher minimum capital for limited liability companies;
  • –       other liabilities for executive officers;
  • –       a broader manner for defining by-laws;
  • –       extended warranty rights for customers;
  • –       new types of contracts.

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