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Embezzlement Lawyers in Hungary

Embezzlement Lawyers in Hungary

Embezzlement attorneys in Hungary

Embezzlement in Hungary is a crime punishable by law and Hungarian business owners who entrust companies or personal assets to third parties should seek legal advice and help if such assets have been dishonestly withheld from them.

Embezzlement is a type of financial fraud and it is usually considered a premeditated crime because the embezzlement takes place without the knowledge of the victim.

Our Hungarian law firm can provide specialized assistance and legal representation if you have been the victim of embezzlement in Hungary. Our lawyers will help you demand restitution or sentence the guilty party.

Legal representation in Hungary

The main characteristic of embezzlement, the one that differentiates it from other financial crimes, is that the defendant had been entrusted with the assets by the victim prior to the crime of embezzlementForeign investors in Hungary can sometimes be victims of embezzlement when doing business with various companies and individuals. 

One way to minimize the chances of embezzlement is to perform a company due diligence before entering into a business relation with another company. Embezzlement is most often performed by individuals who have been entrusted with assets of property but can also be performed by accountants in Hungary or financial advisers who have access to bank accounts and the funds of the investors.

Our law firm in Hungary can provide special services for the avoidance of embezzlement. We can provide legal advice for protection against embezzlement and help you if you have been the victim of a financial crime in Hungary. 

Other legal services in Hungary

Our embezzlement lawyers in Hungary can help you in matters relating to fraud, theft or embezzlement. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe that you are being the victim of embezzlement and need legal aid and representation.

Our law firm in Hungary offers a wide range of legal services, from legal representation to counselling on matters concerning taxation in Hungary or company formation issues. You can contact our Hungarian law firm for a complete offer of our services and more information about legal representation in Hungary.