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Employee Relocation to Hungary

Employee Relocation to Hungary

If you need legal assistance with employee relocation to Hungary from EU or non-EU states, you can get in touch with our lawyers. The immigration lawyers located at our law firm in Hungary can provide you with practical assistance in this regard. 

Work visa and work permit in Hungary 

Foreigners can live and work in Hungary with ease. You can earn a living in Hungary if you have a work visa and work permit. Since 2014, people who wanted to live and work in Hungary can apply for a single combined residence and work permit, obviating the need to submit two separate applications and undergo two separate processing steps. A work visa for Hungary does not grant you the right to live and work there permanently; instead, you must hold a temporary residence permit to do so. You will need authorization to work for an employer in Hungary, which is normally provided by applying for a Hungarian work permit. Please find below the benefits of a work permit in Hungary:

  • if non-EU nationals want to work in Hungary, they can do so by using Hungarian work permits;
  • independent workers, consultants, and private business owners can all operate in Hungary with the use of work permits issued by the Hungarian government;
  • the work visa for Hungary likewise entitles you to unrestricted admission and a lengthy stay (up to 90 days of any 180 days may be spent in a Schengen country), but it forbids you from engaging in any type of employment there;
  • work permits must be applied for and obtained every time a new job is begun because they are only provided for unique employment agreements with specified employers.

If you want help with personnel relocation to Hungary, you can get in touch with our lawyers. The legal experts at our law firm in Hungary can guide you in detail about the whole procedure.

Types of work visas for EU and non-EU nationals in Hungary

To carry out personnel relocation to Hungary, here are some visas. You can immigrate to Hungary on the following visas whether you are an EU or non-EU natioanls:

1.      EU blue card: Any high-skill worker from an EU member nation who also has a residence permit is eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card. To qualify, they must demonstrate an uninterrupted stay of 18 months in a member state.

2.      Schengen business visa: This visa is available for single or multiple entries for non-Europeans going to a Schengen nation for brief business trips. Holders may remain in the nation for a total of 90 days within six months.

3.      Seasonal employment visa: Anyone engaged in seasonal employment in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, or fishing must possess a seasonal employment visa along with a work permit. This visa permits the applicant to work for more than three but less than six months and is valid for both single and multiple entries.

4.      Working Schengen visa: Anyone traveling to Hungary for short-term employment prospects should apply for this visa.

If you need help executing your plan for employee relocation to Hungary, our lawyers can assist you. Get in touch with our Hungarian lawyers to learn more details about personnel relocation to Hungary.

Hungarian intra-corporate transfer permit for non-EU nationals

After getting a work permit, individuals who are not citizens of the EU can begin working for a Hungarian company. Your employees may, however, be eligible for a particular form of work visa if the following two conditions measure up:

  • For a brief time, the employee must be transferred;
  • The Hungarian and the foreign company have a close connection, such as when the Hungarian company is a subsidiary of the foreign company or when both companies are a part of the same organization.

In this situation, the employee may be eligible to apply for an intra-corporate transfer permit, which offers a few benefits over a standard work visa. If you are interested to know the details of these benefits, you are encouraged to get in touch with our immigration lawyers. They can also make the procedure of employee relocation to Hungary easier for you. 

Work permit issuance statistics in Hungary

Please find below the statistics of work permits issued to foreigners in 2019, before you plan to immigrate to Hungary on a work visa:

  • According to the AFP, 75,000 work permits were reportedly awarded in Hungary in 2019;
  • The majority of those recipients (and recipients) were Ukrainians, but Asians like Vietnamese, Chinese, and Indians were also involved;
  • In 2015, there were 13,000 permits, thus the above-mentioned figure is higher.

Please contact our law firm if you need any assistance with a work permit or employee relocation to Hungary. Our lawyers can offer you step-by-step guidance in this matter.

Furthermore, if you need any help with acquiring residency, you can still consult with our immigration lawyers in Hungary. The services of our lawyers are at your disposal.