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Family Reunification Visa in Hungary

Family Reunification Visa in Hungary

family reunification visa in Hungary, also called a family visa, allows a spouse and dependent children of a Hungarian resident or citizen to join that person in Hungary. This is a complicated process for a layperson, so our lawyers in Hungary can provide legal assistance in this procedure. A Hungarian citizen or resident must submit different kinds of information to apply for a letter of invitation. Then, the family members must submit the letter of invitation along with other required documents.

This is a lengthy procedure as it implies gathering and submitting several documents, so you can get in touch with our law firm in Hungary for necessary legal assistance. They will guide you through every step of acquiring a Hungarian family visa.

Documents required for family reunification visa in Hungary

Please find below the list of the documents required for obtaining the family reunification visa in Hungary:

  • Visa application form: this form must be filled in with precise information. You also need to mention the exact period of your stay in Hungary;
  • Foreign passport: your passport must have two blank pages and it must be valid for a minimum of three months after the date of leaving the Schengen area;
  • Photos: you need two photos, one to attach with the application and the other included in the documents. The color photos must have a white background, captured within the last six months;
  • Medical insurance: the applicant must have medical insurance for Hungary. In the absence of this insurance, you can apply for 30 days of travel insurance for no less than EUR 30.000. This will cover your medical expenses and you are obliged to present this 30-days travel insurance along with your documents;
  • Marriage certificate: if you want a family reunification visato reunite with your spouse, then you must submit a copy of the marriage certificate;
  • Child certificate: if you want a family reunification visa in Hungaryto reunite with your children, then you must submit a copy of your children’s birth certificates;
  • Notarized documents: the marriage certificate and the birth certificate of the children should be in English. If these documents are not in English, then they must be submitted with the notary confirmed translation into English;
  • Purpose of stay in Hungary: while applying for a family reunification visa in Hungary, it is necessary to identify the purpose of residence of the applicant’s family member. To identify residence purpose in Hungary, an individual needs to submit a copy of a student card, property documents, employment, or business-related documents depending upon the purpose of stay.

If you still have any ambiguities related to the family reunification visadocumentation, our Hungarian lawyers can further assist you.

Guidelines for scanned documents

Five working days before your visa appointment, you must email all of your scanned papers, including the visa application form, to the appropriate e-mail address. The application process will go more quickly if your documents are scanned beforehand. Rules for scanned documents are provided below:

  • The scanned files must correspond to the necessary hard copies;
  • A pdf file must be created from the scanned documents;
  • The application form and copies of your ID or passport should be placed in file 1, followed by certificate of insurance and lodging in file 2, and file 3 should include remaining supporting documents;
  • The combined size of all files should not exceed 8 MB;
  • The documents must not have any missing pieces or pages, and the photographs and text must be clear and readable;
  • The precise email address should receive the documents;
  • The applicant’s name and the date of the visa appointment should be the subject of the email;
  • Documents that are untimely, blurry, or incomplete will need to be rescanned and sent again, which could cause the application process to take longer;
  • Sending an email to the consulate’s email address will allow you to request consular assistance;
  • You must include your information and passport number when applying.

It is always the applicant’s responsibility to be aware of the actual requirements and limitations on travel to, through, and into Hungary before filing applications for a visa. It is crucial to comply with the regulations of the scanned documents. Our immigration lawyers in Hungary can help you get all the documents that comply with the rules and regulations. Their assistance can help you immigrate to Hungary without wasting your time. 

Which family members can be reunited under a family visa?

A Hungarian resident or citizen can reunite with the following family members under a family reunification visa in Hungary:

  • Spouse;
  • Children under the age of 18 years;
  • Adopted children under the age of 18 years;
  • A refugee under the age of 18 years can bring his/her parents to Hungary;
  • A parent who cannot provide for himself/herself financially and depends upon his/her adult child in Hungary can apply for a family reunification visa;
  • An adult-dependent child with serious health problems can apply for a family reunification visa in Hungary;
  • Siblings who cannot provide for themselves and have serious health problems;
  • Grandchildren or grandparents who cannot provide for themselves and have serious health problems.

Hungary entertains both refugees and the beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in the matter of reunification with their families. But the family members that a beneficiary of subsidiary protection can invite, are limited. You can rely on the legal knowledge of our lawyers if you are living in Hungary under a specific status and you want to reunite with your family under a family reunification visa in Hungary. Our attorneys in Hungary will guide you in all possible manners.

Validity of a Hungarian family reunification residence permit 

If you want a residence permit by acquiring a Hungary family reunification visa, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. Our immigration lawyers in Hungary will provide you with detailed assistance in this regard. However, you can also find general information provided below. A residence permit for a family reunion is valid for the following period:

  • A maximum of four years, which may be increased by up to four years at a time if the sponsor holds an EU Blue Card;
  • Five years maximum, and it may be extended by up to five years at a time provided the sponsor holds an EU Blue Card and an EC permanent residence status;
  • A maximum of three years, it may be extended for another maximum of three years;
  • A residence permit issued for a family reunion may not have a validity period that is longer than the sponsor’s residence permit;
  • If the sponsor has an EU Blue Card, the residency permit issued for family reunification must have a validity period that corresponds to the sponsor’s EU Blue Card.

If you are interested to know about the validity of your Hungarian family reunification residence permit, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. The skilled lawyers at our law firm in Hungary can provide you with comprehensive information and guidance in this regard. 

Furthermore, if you are seeking legal help for immigration to Hungary, our lawyers are at your discretion. They can provide you with comprehensive practical help to avoid any unnecessary delay. The services of our immigration lawyers in Hungary can help you comply well with the relocation rules and regulations. 

Obligations of third-country family unification visa holders

Here you can find some obligations that apply to a third country citizen who holds a Hungarian family reunification visa and also resides here:

  • If a third-country national’s travel document or residency permit is lost, stolen, or destroyed, they must report it right away to the immigration authority;
  • To demonstrate that they have complied with the registration obligation, third-country nationals must retain a duplicate copy of the accommodation registration form.

In addition to reporting the birth of a child in Hungary who is also a foreign national, the third-country nationals with residence permits are required to provide the following information:

  • The child’s natural identification information as specified by law;
  • Information from the child’s travel documentation;
  • The child’s residence address or place of lodging.

There are also several other obligations that a third country national is obliged to comply with. So, it is necessary to acquire legal help to avoid any misconduct in a foreign country. You are welcome to rely on the legal services provided by our lawyers in Hungary. 

Rights of a third country family reunification visa holder

As a non-EEA/EU citizen, if you acquire a family reunification visa in Hungary and get a residence permit, you can enjoy the following rights: 

A third-country national who has a valid residency permit is eligible for visa-free entry and is allowed to stay for up to 90 days in 180 days on the territory of Schengen Member States;

If a person holds a residence permit that was obtained through a single application process, such as a “Residence Permit for Family Reunification,” he/she is eligible to work.

If you are interested to know more about the rights of a third-country citizen who holds a Hungary family reunification visa, you can get in touch with our lawyers. Furthermore, you can also seek the assistance of our lawyers if you want to apply for residency in Hungary

Immigration in Hungary

Hungary accommodates people by providing different kinds of visas to immigration aspirants across the globe. Please find below the number of immigrants from all over the world in Hungary:

  • Hungary accommodates 26% foreign individuals from Asia, 3.79% from the continent of America, 3% from Africa, and about 65% of foreigners living in Hungary are from Europe;
  • At the start of 2018, the number of foreign nationals residing in Hungary was 156,000;
  • In 2019, the number of immigrants increased to 180,773;
  • In the first half of 2020, the number of immigrants in Hungary increased to 200,150.

Contact our law firm if you want to reunite with your family member under a Hungarianfamily visa. Our lawyers can help you in immigration to Hungary by assisting you in applying for an appropriate visa. After relocating to this country, our lawyers will also assist you in starting a business here.