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How to Get Hungarian Citizenship?

How to Get Hungarian Citizenship?

Hungary offers accessible citizenship and provides a gateway to explore the whole of Europe visa-free. It also suggests different approaches on how to get Hungarian citizenship for people of different nationalities.

However, understanding the requirements of the citizenship process might be tricky for you, so, our team of Hungarian lawyers is always available to guide you regarding the matter of how to get Hungarian citizenship.

 Quick Facts  
Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU)   Yes, both EU/non-EU nationals are welcome here 

 Types of residence permits in Hungary 

 Temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit

 Minimum age for application 

The minimum age to apply for Hungarian citizenship is 18 years.

 Dual citizenship permitted (Yes/No)  yes
 Living requirements in Hungary (Yes/No)

Yes, 8 years of continuous residency  

 Direct citizenship option

Direct citizenship in Hungary can be acquired by naturalization.  

How to obtain Hungarian citizenship  

 Hungarian citizenship can be obtained through birth, descent, marriage to a Hungarian citizen, or by naturalization.

Family members allowed to join 


 Hungarian citizenship processing time (approx.)

 It is supposed to be 3 months, but practically it takes 6-8 months from the date of submission of the application. 

 Financial requirements for family members (yes/no)  yes 
 Rights and privileges

Hungarian citizenship grants the right to live, work, and study in Hungary, as well as travel freely within the EU. 

 Renunciation of previous citizenship

 Hungary has implemented strict rules regarding the renunciation of previous citizenship for those seeking naturalization.

 Reasons to Choose Hungary

European Union Membership, Strong economy, Cultural heritage, and quality of life 

 Personal income tax rate


 Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries) Hungarian citizens can travel to 182 countries without visa or visa on arrival  
 Available legislation  Hungarian Nationality Law

 Living requirement for citizenship by marriage

 3 years of living and being married to a Hungarian citizen

 Conditions for citizenship by ancestry

 Citizenship by ancestry is available for people with at least one Hungarian parent.

 Citizenship by investment availability (YES/NO)  No, the program has been terminated.
 Special requirements based on nationality (if any)

 Yes, children born in Hungary from foreign citizens can obtain citizenship by naturalization after 5 years.

 Steps to obtain citizenship in Hungary

–  documents preparation,

– paperwork filing,

– interview appointment,

– interview.

 Documents required to obtain citizenship

– valid residence permit,

– clean criminal record,

– proof of Hungarian address.

 Citizenship exam requirement (YES/NO)

Yes, a citizenship exam must also be passed alongside the interview. 

 Language requirements (YES/NO)

 Yes, knowledge of the Hungarian language is mandatory no matter the type of citizenship sought.

 Simplified naturalization procedure (YES/NO) Yes, Hungary offers a simplified procedure through its Consulate in Hague. 
Access to dual citizenship (YES/NO) 


 Fastest way to secure citizenship

Marriage and birth 

 Best way to obtain citizenship in Hungary

 Naturalization is the safest option to secure a Hungarian passport.

 Support in filing for citizenship (YES/NO)

 Yes, we can assist in filing for citizenship in Hungary.

 Other immigration services (if any)

–  verification of citizenship dossier,

– advice on the citizenship interview and exam,

– support in case of refusal.

Obtain Hungarian citizenship by jus sanguinis 

Jus sanguinis is the main principle of Hungarian citizenship law meaning that descendants of Hungarian citizens are Hungarian citizens regardless of their place of birth. Although Hungary offers different ways of obtaining its citizenship,the simplest of all methods is called simplified naturalization.

This type of citizenship is available to those who have Hungarian parents or grandparents. The perk of simplified citizenship is that if a person even proves the traces of his ancestors in Hungary, he would be considered eligible for Hungarian citizenship.

Getting Hungarian citizenship by this method only takes few months, unlike the regular process in which a person must reside in Hungary for 8 years before applying for citizenship. This process requires only a proof of your ancestry in Hungary and obliges the applicant to pass a basic language test.

Our lawyers in Hungary are available to assist you with their services in the matter of obtaining citizenship in this country. 

Other possibilities of getting citizenship in Hungary

Here are some possibilities on how to obtain citizenship for people with different statuses. A child born in Hungary having foreign parents gets a Hungarian birth certificate but not Hungarian citizenship. So, a child born in Hungary can apply for citizenship after living for continuously five years in Hungary.

Those people who are married to Hungarian citizens or are parents to Hungarian children, who are minors and/or hold refugee status, can apply for Hungarian citizenship after living in this country for three years.

The individuals that apply for the certificate of naturalization can also apply for citizenship. All these certificates are then approved by the President of Hungary and these approved certificates act as legal documents for the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship. In the end, the applicants swear oaths of citizenship and become Hungarian citizens.

Hungary offers a swift naturalization process as per the circumstances but misunderstandings in legal processes may cause delays. To avoid any inconvenience in the naturalization procedure, you can rely on our attorneys in Hungary for assistance regarding how to get Hungarian citizenship.

How can I apply for citizenship in Hungary?

If you want to obtain Hungarian citizenship, it is important to follow the step-by-step procedure. You can get the legal assistance of our lawyers in Hungary if you need any kind of guidance or practical services in this regard. However, you can also find below a guide provided by our lawyers.

The following actions are part of the citizenship application procedure in Hungary:

  1. Set a time for the meeting: Before submitting your application, you must make an appointment with the Hungarian Consulate. Our attorneys in Hungary can make an appointment with the Consulate on your behalf;
  2. Fill-in the application: Fill out the citizenship application form according to the directions. Our lawyers can help you fill the form precisely;
  3. Send in your application: After making an appointment, all citizenship applications for Hungarians must be delivered in person to the consulate. Email applications are not accepted by the Consulate;
  4. Attach the required documents: Include the necessary paperwork with your citizenship application. It is crucial to attach the right documentation, because any mistake in this step may cause a delay in your citizenship procedure;
  5. Show up for the interview: To learn more about your plans and current situation, the Consulate will contact you for an interview.

The Hungarian citizenship application for minors (under 18): 

  • At the time of the appointment, minors must have their parents sign their applications. Both parents should sign the application if they share custody.

In the end, wait for a word from the Consulate regarding your application, and then proceed accordingly.

You can also get help from lawyers located at our law firm in Hungary. They can help you to meet the requirements of the Consulate. 

For further application process regarding how to get Hungarian citizenship, you can get the immigration services of our lawyers in Hungary.

Documents required for Hungarian citizenship application 

The application procedure for Hungarian citizenship is different for people with different backgrounds. For example, as an expatriate, you will need to apply for Hungarian citizenship in person with the Registrar at the Local Council.

If you are a non-EU citizen and you are interested in acquiring citizenship in this country, you will need to obtain first a visa for Hungary by submitting your application with the Hungarian embassy within the country of your residence. Non-EU citizens are also required to obtain a work permit in Hungary to be able to then get Hungarian citizenship.

All necessary documents should be attached with the application and the application should be filled in the Hungarian language with the signature of the applicant. It is necessary to use the Hungarian format in the application. 

The required documents for this procedure include:

  • Certificate of a valid and legal accommodation;
  • A valid immigration card;
  • Proof of clean criminal record;
  • Necessary to pass a citizenship exam that will be conducted in the Hungarian language.

For further application process regarding how to get Hungarian citizenship, you can get the immigration services of our lawyers in Hungary.

Evidence of Hungarian citizenship

The following documents would be considered as proof of citizenship until proven otherwise:

  • A valid Hungarian ID card that bears your identification data;
  • A valid Hungarian passport but if your passport is expired you may still use that passport for one year following the date of expiry as proof of Hungarian citizenship;
  • A valid certificate of Hungarian citizenship;
  • The certificate of naturalization, until proven otherwise;
  • A registry of residency and personal data.

These documents and certificates are necessary as proof of Hungarian citizenship. Our lawyers in Hungary can guide you about the documents in detail deem necessary on how to get Hungarian citizenship.

Hungarian citizenship test and benefits 

You will receive an invitation to an interview to evaluate your language abilities when you apply for Hungarian citizenship.

The interviewer may ask you questions about your life, where you are staying, your prior education, your job, etc. Inquiries concerning Hungarian history and culture will also be asked by the concerned authorities. As you respond to the questions, you have the chance to showcase your language proficiency.

To make a good impression, you must prepare before the interview. You can consult with our attorneys in Hungary if you need assistance regarding the preparation of the citizenship test. 

Besides this test, you must know that there are various benefits that you can get after the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship. Having Hungarian citizenship has many advantages, including:

  • free medical care;
  • free education;
  • no restrictions on movement;
  • the freedom to live and work wherever you want in the EU;
  • Your children will automatically become citizens of Hungary.

If you are seeking extra details about the benefits that you can get by obtaining citizenship in Hungary, you can interact with our lawyers. They can offer you comprehensive guidance in this regard. Furthermore, if you want to move to Hungary, you can still get in touch with our lawyers.

Our immigration lawyers in Hungary will not only describe in detail the types of visas available in this country, but they will also practically guide you in processing a visa.

Does Hungary allow dual citizenship?

Yes, dual citizenship is legal in Hungary, it allows its citizens to simultaneously possess two citizenships—one Hungarian and one foreign.

To find out whether dual citizenship is permitted in your own country, you can get in touch with our lawyers. Please keep in mind that some nations do not permit dual citizenship. You must choose between your current citizenship and Hungarian citizenship if the country in which you have lived up to this point does not permit dual citizenship.

You can consult with our lawyers in Hungary, they can guide you better if your home country permits dual citizenship or not. 

Furthermore, you must note that Hungary will not make you give up your citizenship unless you choose to. In circumstances of fraudulent naturalization applications, however, you could lose your Hungarian citizenship.

You can interact with our lawyers if you are stuck in any situation related to losing citizenship. Our lawyers will check your documentation with due diligence to help you. In addition to this, our lawyers in Hungary can also help you if you want to apply for Hungarian residency. They can assist you in the whole application procedure. Legal assistance in such matters reduces the chances of cancellation of residency applications.

Number of foreign citizens residing in Hungary (2014-2019)

Here is the table representation of non-European Union and European Union citizens residing in Hungary from 2014-2019.   

YearNon-EU foreignersEU foreigners

If you are interested in becoming a citizen of Hungary, you can contact our law firm in Hungary for details about how to get Hungarian citizenship.

You are also welcome to get in touch with our Hungarian lawyers if you need any additional legal services apart from those mentioned above. The services of our lawyers will be at your disposal.