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Hungarian Property Register

Hungarian Property Register

The Land Register in Hungary

The Hungarian Land Register was created in 1971 and it was the first institution in Europe to comprise both land register and cadaster register. At first they were separated, the cadaster being part of the administration system, while the land register was part of the juridical system. By 1981 started working together under the name of the unified land registry system (egységes ingatlan-nyilvántartási rendszer).

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 The functions of the Land Registry in Hungary

The Hungarian Land Register is a system that has multiple functionalities besides its informational database of agricultural land plots and immovable property.  Since the two divisions were unified the land register deal with:

  • real estate mapping;
  • real estate registration and changes of rights regarding property;
  • -maintaining and updating the digital land registry;
  • -maintaining and updating the digital cadastral maps;
  • -ensuring a high quality of the cadastral maps;
  • -providing information about properties;
  • -providing online mapping information about properties on the TAKARNET portal;
  • -registration of any type of land tenancy or lease;
  • -registration of agricultural land;
  • -digital and analogue mapping of land plots;
  • -delimitation of administrative boundaries;
  • -offering support for land administrations establishments and EU agriculture organizations;
  • -supervising agricultural operations.

In administrative terms, the cadastral map will contain data about legal and administrative borderlines, if any immovable property has been built on the land, the land plot number, the address of the property and the purpose the land is being used for.

In legal terms, the property sheet will contain descriptive data about the lot number, the address, the surface of the land parcel, the purpose the land will be used in. the titles will contain the owners’ name and address and a copy after his or her identification card and if any encumbrances, such as mortgages or limitations, come with the property.  

The organization and responsibilities of the Hungarian Land Registry

The Hungarian Land Register falls under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and is has a department for land administration and geo-information (DLAG) that monitors and develops laws for the land administration, 20 county land offices and 119 district land offices that register and maintain the digital mapping database, the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI) and the National Cadaster Program (NCP). Our Hungarian lawyers can give you more details about this matter and can also help you set up a company in this country.

How to register a property in Hungary

In order to register a commercial property in Hungary you will first need to receive a certified title file from the land registry office.  After the sale and purchase contract has been signed by an attorney, the court of registry must issue an extract from the buyer that will state the buyer exists as a legal entity. If all requirements are met, the new owner can register the new title with the Hungarian land register.

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