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Immigrate to Hungary from UK

Immigrate to Hungary from UK

As a consequence of the fact that the United Kingdom (UK) is no longer a part of the European Union (EU), the manner in which British passport holders can immigrate to Hungary from UK or immigrate to other EU countries will also be changed. 

At the moment, British passport holders can easily immigrate to Hungary from UK following the rules addressed to all EU citizens, meaning that they still enjoy the free movement of persons, which is a right granted under the EU rules to all its citizens. 

However, the standard immigration rules will cease at the end of 2020, more exactly 31st of December 2020, when the rules prescribed by the Withdrawal Agreement, a document which established the transition rules from a EU member state to a non-EU country for the UK, will no longer be available. Persons who want to move from the UK here can address to our Hungarian law firm for in-depth advice on the current immigration rules

What are the basic immigration regulations for UK citizens in Hungary?

At the moment, British citizens who want to immigrate to Hungary from UK can rest assured that they can easily arrive in this country for any type of purpose prescribed by the national immigration law. It must be noted that the Hungarian law grants the right to stay in Hungary for a period of 90 days without a special permit to all EU citizens and European Economic Area (EEA) citizens. 

So, this means that for short-term stays in HungaryBritish passport holders do not need to take any particular legal measures. However, in the case of stays longer than 90 days, which are defined as long-term stays, British citizens are required to register their residency in this country. This is also applicable for EU citizens, under the regulations of the Act I of 2007 on the Entry and Stay of Persons with the Right to Free Movement and Residence

Upon registration, a person who wants to stay in Hungary on a long-term basis can apply for a permanent residence permit, which can be issued after a period of 5 years of uninterrupted stay in this country. Those who want to immigrate to Hungary from UK for more than three months also have the obligation to register with the National Directorate – General for Aliens Policing

Please be aware of the fact that British citizens who arrive in Hungary during the Withdrawal Agreement may still retain the rights they have had as EU citizens even after the end of the transition period, but this aspect is still to be analyzed by the UK and EU representatives. When such new rules will be available, our law firm in Hungary will be able to assist you with up-to-date information. 

Still, it must be noted that as a general rule, it is expected that UK citizens who will immigrate to Hungary from UK for the first time to be treated as third-party nationals, while British citizens who already live here or those who are in the process of relocating to Hungary, to benefit from the EU migration rules addressed to EU citizens, this being the major difference between the two situations.  

Another important aspect UK citizens should know is that they may be exempted from applying for a visa for short term stays after the transition period ends, as long as the UK will provide the same rights to EU citizens arriving to the UK for short-term stays; you can request to our Hungarian lawyers in-depth information on the visa types available in this country. 

What is the data on immigrants in Hungary? 

Hungary is a homogenous country, mainly comprised by Hungarian nationals. The immigration trends have fluctuated since the country’s accession to the EU, with numerous Hungarians leaving the country. However, it has also attracted numerous foreign nationals, who arrived here especially for work and business purposes. Our attorneys in Hungary present the following data:

  • in 2016, the highest number of British citizens living in Hungary had an age of 30-49 years old;
  • in 2016, there were 6,100 UK born persons who lived in Hungary and who had an age below 15 years old;
  • in 2017, Hungary was the 16th EU country on the number of UK born persons relocated to another EU country;
  • with regards to the number of UK citizens living abroad in EU countries, Hungary ranked as the 17th state in 2011;
  • in 2018, the number of foreign nationals living here, regardless of their nationality, accounted for 156,000 persons or 1,6% of the country’s population. 

If you want to immigrate to Hungary from UK in the near future, please address to our lawyersOur Hungarian law firm will make sure that you will receive the latest information on the immigration procedures and will help you and your family relocate here.