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Immigrate to Hungary from US

Immigrate to Hungary from US

Those wishing to immigrate to Hungary from US must take all essential actions in order to enter Hungarian territory. Depending on the purpose of stay and the duration of the stay, American passport holders may need to acquire different types of visas, residence permits and other documents that grant them right to live in Hungary. Given the wide variety of situations that the Hungarian immigration legislation can cover regarding the access of American citizens in this country, it is advisable to address our lawyers in Hungary for extensive information on the relocation procedures and the documents foreigners should obtain. 

Hungary belongs to the Schengen visa zone. If you are planning to immigrate to Hungary from US possibly, be aware that the country is distinct in many ways, ranging in culture, language, rich history, and stunning landscapes. To truly enjoy everything there is to see and do, you should know as much as you can about the country, from the tourist attractions of the capital city Budapest, the Pearl of Danube, to the beautiful countryside and delicious food you must make meticulous preparations. Our lawyers are there to help you relocate to Hungary from the US.

In addition to this, our Hungarian lawyers can also help you acquire family reunification visa. Thus, they can provide you with comprehensive assistance from the application to the end of the process.

Types of visas in Hungary

You can obtain the legal services of our lawyers if you want information regarding a feasible visa type that suits your travel purpose to Hungary. However, a guidance related to the Hungary visas and related documents is provided below:

  • Tourist visa: for obtaining this visa, you are required to submit passport copies and bank statements of the last six months;
  • Business visa: If you wish to receive a business visa in Hungary, you will need a certificate from your employer stating that you are allowed to travel for business. In addition, you must produce a six-month bank statement, a trading license, a Memorandum, and the Articles of Association;
  • Medical visa: you must submit a local medical report, a medical attestation from a Hungarian doctor verifying your appointment, and proof of payment of medical bills in order to obtain this visa in Hungary;
  • Delegation visa: If you are visiting Hungary as an official delegate, you must show the official invitation copy, your identification, the purpose of your visit, the length of your stay, and where you will be staying;
  • Spouse visa: you must present proof of Hungarian citizenship, a marriage certificate, and a family record book when applying for a spouse visa in Hungary;
  • Transit visa: you must produce a copy of your valid visa indicating your final destination when applying for a transit visa;
  • Study visa: If you wish to apply for a visa in Hungary for the purpose of studying, training, research, or any other sort of internship, you must produce an enrollment certificate, proof of financial support, and a certificate of finished or attended courses.

As you can see, the requirement for document submission varies from visa to visa, so if you need any detailed assistance regarding visas for underage children, cultural, sports, film crew or religious purposes, you are welcome to interact with our lawyers. They will provide you with a 

thorough guidance related to each visa type.  

If you want to relocate to Hungary from USA, you can rely on our specialists.

What are the requirements for short-term stays in Hungary?

The immigration requirements prescribed for American citizens arriving in Hungary for short-term stays depend on the stay’s purpose. According to the immigration law applicable in Hungary, a short-term stay defines any period of a maximum of 90 days spent here by foreigners. As a general rule, foreigners from outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) must obtain a visa even for short-term stays. Still, certain nationalities outside these regions are entitled to a visa exemption. This is the case for American citizens, who can easily arrive here without a visa for short-term stays related to traveling or business. Our attorneys in Hungary can explain what alternative visa exemptions may be available to Americans.

Because Hungary is a member of the Schengen Agreement, the most fundamental legal need is to have a valid passport issued by US authorities, which will allow the ability to travel in the Schengen nations. More information about short-term stays in Hungary is available from our law firm in Hungary.

 Still, American citizens should know that all passport holders must meet the following basic requirements:

  • The passport of an American citizen must be valid for at least 3 months after the departure date, although 6 months is usually necessary;
  • The American passport must also have one empty page per stamp;
  • American citizens must declare any sums exceeding EUR 10,000 upon entering or leaving Hungary;
  • However, beginning in 2022, American citizens will be subject to the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) requirements;
  • The ETIAS will allow Americans to stay in any Schengen state for up to 90 days, and the authorization will be valid for three years.

The ETIAS system was established to improve border security for third-country nationals, including Americans, in the Schengen area. Still, it must be noted that the procedure for obtaining the authorization is rather simple, as it was created as an online system. Our law firm in Hungary can offer you more information on the ETIAS documents. 

Furthermore, after you relocate to Hungary from US, if you want to invest in real estate, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. They will perform real estate due diligence to make you aware of any possible risks attached to the property. This step will save your capital and time also. 

What are the steps for obtaining a Hungarian visa?

A more complex procedure has to be concluded in the case of those who need a visa when arriving in Hungary. We will present some of the basic steps involved in this process. Still, our lawyers in Hungary can provide a complex presentation on the procedure and the documents the applicant must prepare. The legal framework applicable to Americans is available at the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Hungarian embassies or consulates operating on the American territory, which are the primary institutions involved in the visa application process. You can also rely on our Hungarian law firm for in-depth information on the current legislation. 

The process of obtaining a visa depends on the type of visa necessary for the American citizen. Still, in most of the cases, the applicant has to complete the standard application form, present the valid passport, two photographs, information on the ticket reservation, travel insurance, information on the accommodation arrangements and financial means, these being some of the few basic aspects the applicant should take care of. For instance, if the visa required by the applicant is for employment purposes, then he/she must present the employment contract; if the visa is for medical purposes, medical documentation proving that the person will be treated in a Hungarian hospital must be added to the file by the applicant.

Those who want to immigrate to Hungary from US on a long-term basis must make sure that they will be able to live here from a legal point of view, which means that the person has to apply for a residence permit. Our attorneys in Hungary can present the procedures available in this case and help foreigners obtain the required documents. If you need to be represented by a specialist in immigration law, do not hesitate to address our law firm in Hungary. 

Temporary visa extension in Hungary

The temporary visa extension in Hungary is only available in exceptional cases where new facts and reasons arise after entering this state. But you can get in touch with our lawyers if you want a temporary visa extension in Hungary. They can explain if your circumstances are eligible for a visa extension or not. You may get legal advice from our attorneys if you wish to start a company in Hungary, in addition to visa services. Our seasoned lawyers can help you understand the business market and the types of structures available in this country. 

How can Americans apply for a Hungarian residence permit?

If Americans immigrate to Hungary from US for more than 90 days, then other immigration formalities will have to be completed. Here, all foreigners must complete the formalities for obtaining a residence permit, which grants the right to live in Hungary. At the European Union (EU) level, all member states will require the issuance of a residence permit for stays exceeding 90 days. Still, the requirements may vary based on the nationality and the documents the foreigners need to submit, as all countries have a national competence on this matter. As a result, people planning to immigrate to Hungary from US should double-check the residency permit requirements with concerned officials or our attorneys in Hungary.

In order to receive a residence permit in Hungary as an American national, the foreigner must first submit a residence permit application with the Office for Immigration and Nationality in Hungary. The application can be submitted to the regional offices of the institution if the purpose of stay is related to any of the following: exceptional reasons, such as medical treatment, family reunification, the applicant is involved in research projects or if the applicant is a national of the countries included in Annex II of Council Regulation EC no. 539/2001 (which includes the citizens of the United States of America as well). 

When you immigrate to Hungary from US, as a foreigner, it is your prime duty to respect and obligate the rules and regulations of this state. Mostly, foreigners find it difficult to comply with the tax regulations because they vary from state to state. So, if you want to know about the tax depreciation in Hungary, you can discuss it with our lawyers. Our knowledgeable lawyers in Hungary will provide you with extensive guidance on taxation. This will help you comply well with the state’s regulations, and you will not likely be getting in any trouble. 

What should you do when you immigrate to Hungary from US?

If you require help organizing your paperwork to immigrate to Hungary from US, some agencies can assist with this. One great way to save cash is translating your document into Hungarian when you are still within the US and then having it notarized at the Embassy. In any event, it is recommended that the Hungarian Embassy within the US should be your preferred contact for all details about your legal status and employment in this country. You are welcome to get in touch with our Hungarian lawyers for any further details. They will provide you with detailed guidance about how to relocate from Hungary to US

Visa requirements for expats in Hungary

Since Hungary is part of the Schengen Agreement, US citizens can relocate to Hungary from US for up to 90 days without requiring a visa. However, they cannot stay or work for a long time without a valid permit. To be eligible for a extended (or temporary) residence, you have to follow the procedure and pay a minimum of $100 of application fees. Moving internationally requires that you adhere to a particular set of rules, particularly in the case of an entry-level job or a job in Europe in the capacity of an American.

Be aware that if you are thinking of moving abroad and residing as a resident of Europe in the capacity of an American working permit and residence visa should be in place before the time of your arrival. Check out the necessary documents for travel. The lawyers at our law firm in Hungary can provide you with extra details about necessary documents and the whole procedure of how to immigrate to Hungary from US

Cost of living for immigrants in Hungary

While you can relocate to Hungary from US, costs to live in Hungary are comparable with, or slightly less than other European countries; however, it is much less than living in other countries. The currency used is the Hungarian Forint (HUF), and the current exchange rate is US$/HUF = 1 HUF equals 0.0033100 USD. Budapest is the city with the highest cost, and the housing price is primarily based on your location, size, and condition of the residence. The cost of food, utilities, and transportation all fall under properties and rental requirements and are contingent on the needs of your month. 

If you plan to migrate to Hungary from the US, our lawyers can provide you with detailed information regarding living costs in this country. 

Potential jobs for immigrants in Hungary

If you relocate to Hungary from the US, the job search is significant. However, there are a few ways to work within Hungary for expats despite the obstacles. One is to seek out transfers to Hungary from the company you are employed by. If the company you work for from your country of residence is headquartered in Hungary and you want to move there, it is much easier. Also, check whether any international businesses associated with your company have opened a branch in Hungary. They may be more inclined to employ you.

Additionally, there is a massive demand for foreigners to work in specific positions on the Hungarian market for jobs. Many expats seeking employment in Hungary are employed in telecommunications and IT, ACCA accounting jobs, projects management, and certified auditor jobs. Certain migrants also for front desk and administrative positions whose qualifications are not too high. It is only necessary to speak fluently in English and Hungarian as a second language. You can also become an English teacher in Hungary.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit in Hungary

When you immigrate to Hungary from US, and you need a residence permit, you should prepare a set of documents that can vary based on the purpose of stay; below, our Hungarian lawyers have prepared a shortlist of the documents that must always be submitted in the application for a residence permit, regardless of the reason for which the foreigner has arrived in this country:

The application form for the issuance of the residence permit, completed and signed by the applicant – here, one should know that, besides the Hungarian version of the application, one can also submit the English version of the document, as it is allowed under the Hungarian law;

The applicant’s valid passport, which must have a validity of at least 3 months longer than the moment of departure from Hungary;

2-passport-size photos, which were taken maximum 6 months before the application;

For foreigners living in USA, who will immigrate to Hungary, the US alien registration card or the US resident visa are required, depending on the current immigration status of the respective applicants;

According to EU law, documents show that the applicant has health insurance that covers all the expenses required (the minimum coverage is $50,000). 

Besides the documents presented in this list, additional documents can be required, and, according to Hungarian law, all documents must be submitted in their original version. If the American national or American resident wants to work in Hungary, the application for a residence permit will include additional papers.

For those who immigrate to Hungary from US for employment purposes, additional steps must be achieved. Before applying for a residence permit, the applicant must obtain a work permit, which the Hungarian Labor Authority issues. The work permit must be included in the application for a residence permit. The Hungarian employer will make the application for a residence permit where the American citizen/resident will work.

The employment contract must also be a part of the residence permit application and the financial aspects of living in Hungary until the moment when the first salary will be paid to the foreigner. Therefore, if you want to arrive here for employment purposes and you need assistance on the full list of documents that are required in this case, do not hesitate to address our Hungarian law firm. 

Suppose you are interested in immigrating to Hungary from US for educational purposes. In that case, you will also need a residence permit that can be issued after you submit documents such as documents showing your accommodation status in Hungary (tenancy agreement), documents showing that the applicant enrolled with a local educational institution, information on the payment of the school fees (where this applies), information on the scholarship or other documents showing how the foreigner will meet the minimum financial requirements to live in Hungary. 

Work environment for immigrants in Hungary

Employers in Hungary have the right to a wage and other benefits like sick leave, health insurance, education allowance, and more. However, the salary you earn will be contingent upon the description of your job and the position it is placed on the market for employment. People who work in specialized positions like IT consultants can earn $1200 in salary. In many businesses, workers must work a maximum of 40 hours per week. Also, you will be eligible for sick leave, maternity leave, and annual leave if you are an international employee with the Hungarian National Security Number. Every employee receives a total of 15 days of sick leave each year. Women on maternity leave are granted a maximum amount of 24 weeks.

In addition to the time off for maternity, employers also offer care benefits to assist the child. Furthermore, disability-related people are eligible for handicaps to encourage equality in the workplace. You are welcome to acquire the legal services of our lawyers in Hungary if you want to apply for residency in this country.

Population in Hungarian cities

Please find below the population statistics in the big cities of Hungary:

  • The population of Budapest is 1,741,041;
  • The population of Debrecen is 2014,124;
  • The population of Miskolc is 172,637.

If you need further information on obtaining a residence permit, we invite you to contact our law firm in Hungary. Our team of lawyers can help you in this process and can also represent you in any other legal matter regulated by immigration law. For instance, if you face any trouble regarding debt collection, you can get in touch with our attorneys in Hungary. If no positive results come out by using this method, our attorneys will further take your stance to the court of law and provide you with a legal representation there.