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Immigrate to Hungary

Immigrate to Hungary

Foreign citizens who want to enjoy the opportunities of this country by opening their businesses here also want to immigrate to Hungary for good. Hungary offers an easy immigration procedure if applied correctly by the applicant.

However the immigration procedure could be very complicated, so our team of Hungarian lawyers is available to assist you if you want to move to Hungary

 Quick Facts  
  Entry visa requirement (from EU) 


Entry visa requirement (outside EU)

 It is necessary to obtain a visa to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days

Types of visas

 Airport transit visa
Tourist visa
Visitor’s visa
Business visa
Official visit visa
Medical visa
Study visa
Cultural, sports and film crew visa
Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)

10-30 days

Validity of temporary residence permit 1 year
Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

5 years, and it may be extended by an additional 5 years upon the foreign national's request.

Investor visa availability (Yes/No)


Sponsorship requirement (Yes/No) Yes
Time frame for obtaining citizenship 8-12 months
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme available (Yes/No) No
 Tax benefits for expats Low corporate tax rates

Types of visas available in Hungary 

You can move to Hungary on several different types of visas if you desire to immigrate there. Below information is provided about a few of the visa types Hungary offers. In contrast, if you want more information on other types of visas, you can speak with one of our immigration lawyers in Hungary. They can help you choose a visa that will allow you to move to Hungary, depending on the sort of visa you need:

Hungary business visa

If you are going to Hungary for business or to represent your company, you will need a business visa. The institution or organization you will be visiting must provide you with a letter outlining the reason for your visit and the length of your stay, and your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the end of your trip. You can consult knowledgeable attorneys at our law firm in Hungary for more information in this respect. They can guide you during the entire immigration procedure, and with their legal counsel, you can move to Hungary without experiencing needless delays.

Hungary tourist visa 

Travelers from other countries who want to visit Hungary for tourism are given a tourist visa. Hungary tourist visas are available from consulates, authorized visa providers, and licensed travel companies. For instance, if you want to apply for a tourist visa, our immigration lawyers in Hungary can offer you legal support. They will give you all the necessary information regarding how to enter Hungary on a tourist visa.

Hungary transit visa

When citizens of certain countries need to change planes in a foreign country, the region where the airport is located (in this case, Hungary), requires that they obtain an airport transit visa. Hungary complies with the Schengen Area’s rules on which nationalities need an airport transit visa. Our Hungarian attorneys can provide you with legal assistance if you require a transit visa.

Hungary medical visa

You must apply for a Hungary Schengen Medical visa if you are seeking a short-stay visa to get medical care, such as medical therapies, or to have surgery. You must also apply for a Hungarian medical visa if you are accompanying someone who is traveling to Hungary for medical treatment. The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a visa to Hungary to obtain medical treatment:

  • local medical information issued by a physician, clinic, or hospital in your native nation attesting to your need for medical care in Hungary;
  • a medical certification from the hospital or physician in Hungary attesting to your health and the appointment date;
  • evidence of the financial agreement established;
  • the hospital’s or clinic’s official confirmation of the treatment or appointment.

You are also required to submit the aforementioned documentation on behalf of the person you are traveling to Hungary with to obtain medical treatment.

Hence, if you intend to relocate to Hungary using one of the aforementioned visa kinds, you can benefit from the legal advice of our experienced attorneys. Even regarding visa kinds not specifically listed here, our Hungarian attorneys will give you comprehensive information. You are welcome to get a consultation from our lawyers if you are immigrating to Hungary from a third country. Because the procedure for third-country nationals is more complicated than the European Union nationals. For instance; foreign people must apply for a long-stay D visa if they want to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days to study, work, or reunite with family. There are no limitations on citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland, therefore they are exempt from the requirement for a D visa.

If you need the legal services of our lawyers for any other matters, you are still welcome to get in touch with our lawyers.

Necessary documents for immigration

Documentation is vital whenever it comes to immigration. If a person wants to immigrate to Hungary, he/she needs to obtain the following documents:

Visa: the visa is a kind of permit that must be obtained by a non-citizen of Hungary in order to enter into this country. Visas also determine the purpose of a person’s entrance into a country, for example, a person can get a visa for medical treatment or a business visa in the relevant country. Hungary offers different kinds of visas for non-EU citizens because they should have a visa or a work permit to reside in Hungary. Such visas include: visitor visa, business visa, medical visa, individual work-permit, seasonal employment visa, etc.

Residence permit document: This is a kind of permit that can be obtained by both EU citizens and non EU citizens and allows them to become permanent residents in Hungary. Non EU citizens have to apply for a residence permit before their visas expire while EU citizens can apply directly for a Registration Card. The residency permits could be contingent with definitive or in-definitive periods. 

The documentation varies along with the purpose of immigration and the country you come from. Our lawyers in Hungary can assist you in getting different kinds of permits as per your desire. 

Application procedure for immigration to Hungary

Hungary is a member state of the Schengen Area since 2007, so the applicants need to apply for a Schengen visa. The applicants have different choices of Schengen visas like: visit visas, work visas, business visas, study visas, or permanent residency visas.

If you are planning to immigrate to Hungary then you need to apply for a suitable type of visa according to your situation. If you are an EU citizen then you can obtain residency by applying for a Registration Card. However, if you are living outside Hungary and you want to immigrate to Hungary then you need to submit your application with the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate within the country in which you reside already.

Hungary is one of the main transit countries to enter into the other states of the European Union for those people who do illegal land migrations. Due to this issue, the Hungarian authorities exhibit very vigilant behavior and put restrictions on the immigrants for reducing the risk of illegal land migrations. 

If you want to relocate to Hungary then you can rely on our attorneys in Hungary. They will assist you in the whole process of immigration. 

Hungarian visa requirements 

To immigrate to Hungary, you must apply for a visa and adhere to the following rules:

  1. The passport must be at least 10 years old and contain two blank pages.
  2. It also needs to be valid for at least three months beyond the anticipated arrival date.
  3. For children under the age of 18, both parents or a legal guardian must sign the visa application form.

Follow the visa requirements if you want to relocate to Hungary. Information on this subject is available from our immigration lawyers in Hungary.

You can also trust our skilled attorneys if you are interested in applying for residency in Hungary. They will give you comprehensive instructions on the application process and requirements.

Hungary visa processing time 

A short-stay visa for Hungary may require up to 15 days for processing. If you are also visiting other Schengen countries, this period may be extended by up to 30 days because some of them require a consultation before issuing the visa. It could take up to 60 days for exceptional circumstances.

To prevent any delays in the issuing of your visa, it is strongly encouraged that you apply for a short-stay Hungarian visa as soon as you can. Please be aware that you can submit your application up to three months in advance of your trip and no later than 15 days before departure.

Here is also our video on this subject:

Why you should move to Hungary?

People around the globe are immigrating to different countries to chase better opportunities. The reasons that can drive a person to move to Hungary are given below:

  1. This country has a high standard of living;
  2. Hungary is the home to the most amazing natural and architectural sites;
  3. Hungary has low living costs, unlike the capitals of other countries; Budapest is inexpensive;
  4. Hungary has an impressive transportation network system that includes: domestic, international, and commuter trains, metro, buses, and trams with affordable fares.
  5. As compared to other European states, the higher education in Hungary is relatively affordable. International students can study in Hungary without the requirement of IELTS or TOFEL.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Hungary (2016-2020)

Here is a list of the values of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Hungary in recent years. As far as 2020 is concerned, that year was hard for the whole world due to the pandemic, so Hungary was also affected by it. 

YearGDP (Billion US Dollars)GDP Growth (annual %)

If you are very keen to immigrate to Hungary in a legal and swift way, you can contact our law firm in Hungary for complete details. After relocation and living there for a specific amount of time, you can get in touch with our lawyers if you plan to apply to obtain citizenship in Hungary. Our Hungarian lawyers will provide you with comprehensive information about the application, requirements, document submission, etc. They can also offer you their services if you need help applying for a residence permit at the local immigration office.