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Law Firm in Budapest

Law Firm in Budapest

Budapest: an ever growing city

When doing business in Hungary, foreign investors need to rely on a trustworthy, experienced and professional partner. Our law firm in Hungary offers various legal services, suited to the needs of the company. Because Budapest is the largest city and also the capital of Hungary, entrepreneurs often choose the city as the location to open a new business.

Budapest is not only a beautiful city, perhaps best known for the iconic view of its Parliament building or the Chain Bridge. Foreign investors who want to have access to the Eastern European market come to Budapest to engage in activities like banking or finance, retail, import and export, transportation, real estate, new media or tourism. Budapest is home to numerous important international companies and the city is becoming an increasingly important economic hub in Europe.

Our expert attorneys in Budapest need all there is to know about the investment climate in the city and the company registration procedure if you want to open a company in Budapest.

Legal services and legal assistance in Budapest

From business start-up costs, to the necessary documents for incorporating a company in Budapest, our team of Hungarian lawyers will assist you and help you create a new company. The business environment in Hungary is welcoming for foreign investors and there are several options when it comes to the best type of company. The choice depends on the size of the business, the available share capital and the future goals of the investor. Our lawyers in Budapest will help you decide what type of company suits your needs. We also provide incorporation services for branches and subsidiaries in Hungary.

Our Hungarian law firm also specialize in tax consultancy and can give you information about the main taxes in Hungary. Companies need to observe the taxation legislation and pay the necessary taxes, like the corporate tax. The same taxation principle generally applies as well for non-resident companies, as described in the legislation for foreign investments.

Experienced lawyers in Budapest

The lawyers at our law firm in Budapest specialize in various legal areas, like litigation, commercial law, banking law or family law. We can help you solve any legal issue and can duly represent you in front of a Bulgarian court. Personal matters, like marriage or divorce will be addressed by our specialized lawyers.

We can provide high quality services and offer you the best legal advice for personal or business matters in Hungary. If you want to invest in Budapest, please do not hesitate to contact our team of Hungarian attorneys.