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Legal Services in Hungary

Legal Services in Hungary

Weather you need to set up a company in Hungary or you find yourself in need of a litigation attorney that will successfully represent you in front of the Hungarian Courts, our lawyers can help you. We always take the time to listen to each client’s needs and business objectives so that we can provide him with a complete and personalized solution for his problem. These are our areas of expertise:

Litigation attorneys in Hungary

Due to the constantly increasing number of business and commercial law matters handled, attorneys in Hungary are now fully qualified to represent clients in various types of litigation cases. For a more detailed consultation regarding the different type of courts in this country and the procedure to follow please contact our Hungarian law firm. Our lawyers can also help you in other legal areas, such as trademark registration in Hungary.

 Accounting planning and tax advices in Hungary

If you ever find yourself in need of qualified accounting consultancy or you have various questions regarding the main taxes in Hungary, we will be able to help you.

Legal consultancy and assistance in company formation matters in Hungary

Our law firm in Hungary can offer specialized legal advice for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses here. We can help them choose between the different types of structures available, one that will best meet their business needs. We can provide assistance with the required documentation, domiciliation services and many others, including assistance for opening a bank account in Hungary. Please contact our lawyers to see how we can help you.

Opening branches and subsidiaries in Hungary

When first starting a business in Hungary, many investors choose to establish a branch or subsidiary. These are both subordinated to the parent company, therefore offering the owner the possibility to control and manage easily these structures. The main difference between them is that the branch doesn’t have legal personality.
In case you need other types of services, for example immigration services in Cyprus, we can put your in contact with our local partners who can help you obtain a Cyprus golden visa

Liquidation of a company in Hungary

If on the other hand you wish to close your company in Hungary, no matter if this is for retirement reasons or your business in facing a bankruptcy situation, our Hungarian lawyers are here to guide you through the entire liquidation procedure. It is a must that all actions will comply with the current laws and regulations.

Mergers and acquisitions in Hungary

Mergers and acquisitions are a special part of business law and must be fully compliant with the current legislation. Due to their importance in the business and local community, before conducting these procedures investors should always take the legal advice of a qualified attorney. Also, Hungarian holding companies are special types of structures that require the qualified consultancy.

Obtaining licenses and business permits in Hungary

Depending on the type of company and its object of activity, special permits or licenses may be required in order to prove that the company’s activities are law compliant and that it functions correctly. We can help our clients obtain them. Besides these services, you can also rely on us if you are interested to immigrate to Hungary

Citizenship in Hungary

You may be eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship after residing and working in this country for a specific amount of time, depending on your legal situation. Along with other considerations, your eligibility for acquiring citizenship in Hungary will vary. So, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers for details about the criteria and how to comply with them. 

It is essential to be well-prepared and to gather all the necessary data about your nationality and purpose of the trip in advance in order to successfully get a Hungary visa. You must possess the following paperwork before immigration to Hungary: visa application; two passport-sized pictures; valid passport; copies of each previous visa you have had; Hungary travel health insurance; and documentation for accommodations.

Debt collection in Hungary

Bad debtors are always a thorny problem, and therefore many business owners prefer to leave them in the hands of experienced lawyersContact us if you require help with a Hungarian debt collection case.