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Obtain a Work Permit in Hungary

Obtain a Work Permit in Hungary

Working in Hungary

Hungary is a member of the European Union and of the Schengen Area and this makes it easier for EU citizens to work in this country. Those who need to obtain a work permit in Hungary are non-EU nationals. For this purpose, the individual willing to take up work in Hungary must have secured a job position in the country and must have an employment contract drawn up by a Hungarian employer who can support his or her decision to come and work in the country.

The experts at our Hungarian law firm can help you apply for a work permit if you are a foreign employee. Alternatively, if you are an investor in Hungary we can help you hire foreign workers.

Work permits in Hungary

Individuals who want to work in Hungary must obtain a residence permit for the purpose of employment or other gainful activities. This permit can be obtained by the following categories of individuals:

– those who want to work for an employer in Hungary under a legal employment relationship;

– work individually;

– own a business in Hungary, cooperative or other legal entity created with the purpose to produce profit.

Individuals who want to apply for a work permit in Hungary must submit the completed application form, several additional documents and pay the processing fee. The individual must also submit a photo and agree to the collection of fingerprints. The applications can be submitted to the consular office in the applicant’s country of residence.

Work permit applications in Hungary

The additional documents to be submitted for the application include materials that support the purpose of residence/work in Hungary: the decision to open a business in Hungary, the employment contract, documents proving that the individual can cover the costs of living in Hungary and also that he or she has arranged for accommodation in Hungary. Foreigners can purchase a property in Hungary or they can present a rental agreement. 

residence permit for employment has a validity period of three years and can be extended for another three years. Residence permits that function as single permits are issued only for two years and can be extended for a maximum of another two years.

Our lawyers in Hungary can give you additional information about your rights as an employee in Hungary. We also provide services for business owners in Hungary who want to hire employees.

Contact our Hungarian law firm for any issues regarding employment in the country