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Payroll Services in Hungary

Payroll Services in Hungary

An important part of accounting and company management in Hungary

Payroll encompasses all financial documents and record related to an employee’s wages, bonuses or deductions. Payroll can be managed by the accounting department of the company or it can be outsourced to another company specialized in offering payroll services in HungarySmall-businesses in Hungary can have their payroll calculated directly by the company director or an associate.

Payroll in Hungary is important both for the company that needs to comply with the legislation for employment and accounting and for the employee who wants to receive its remuneration in due time. Our lawyers can offer payroll services and can also assist foreign investors who want to set up companies in Hungary.

Employees in Hungary

The employment law stipulates the main rights and benefits an employee in Hungary is entitled to. Therefore, each Hungarian company, regardless of its size or type of legal entity, must fulfill its obligations towards its personnel. 

Paying wages to the employees should be done according to the employment contract, usually once a month, and according to the minimum wage established by the Hungarian Government. Each employee will want to be remunerated accordingly, that is why payroll in Hungary starts with a correct appreciation of the adequate wage for an employee. Our Hungarian law firm can help you calculate wages and determine the correct manner in which payroll can differ according to one period or another.

Services for Hungarian companies

The Hungarian employment law also stipulates how employees are remunerated under special conditions, like overtime or for medical leave. Our attorneys in Hungary can help you calculate payroll according to overtime, medical leave, maternity leave and other variables that can influence the amount of salary received by an employee at the end of the month.

Our experts will determine the annual leave days for employees, will make calculations for the due wage in case of medical leave as well as for salary and prepare the payroll and salary taxes. We can also help you prepare and submit tax returns.

Our Hungarian law firm can offer you legal support on any payroll issue as well as issues related to employees in Hungary. You can contact our law firm in Hungary for a detailed offer of our services.