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Transportation Law in Hungary

Transportation Law in Hungary

The transport law in Hungary was adapted to meet the criteria imposed by the European Union. Hungary’s transport policy developed with the help of investment resources from the European Union, together with national resources. You can also obtain legal advice on the trademark registration in Hungary, family legislation and other types of legal acts if you address to our Hungarian law firm. 

The most notable transport policy documents required in this country are the Hungarian Transport Policy and the Unified Transport Development Strategy.

Hungarian Transport Policy

Some of the priorities described by Hungarian authorities are:

– construction of lacking infrastructure;

– observing the EU transport regulations; 

– encouraging an environmentally friendly transportation system.

Also, Hungary recognizes the importance of developing and improving connections to neighboring countries.  Besides guiding you about transportation law in Hungary, our lawyers can also help you with other matters. If you want to apply for citizenship in Hungary, our immigration lawyers can assist you. According to Hungarian law, all vital records of a Hungarian citizen, such as birth, marriage, divorce, and death, must be registered in Hungary. Without this registration, your citizenship cannot be verified, and you cannot receive a Hungarian passport. 

The Hungarian Unified Transport Development Strategy

The objectives in this document refer to the overall development of most of the transport sectors in Hungary:

– development of passenger transport;

– development of transport of goods;

– development of transport infrastructure.

Special requirements for transporation in Hungary

When transporting various goods, companies should be informed about the specific regulations that apply to different goods that can be transported throughout the country. A qualified attorney in Hungary will be able to advise on different aspects of these regulations.

Special documentation must be prepared for the transport of dangerous goods in Hungary. Likewise, vehicles that carry abnormal loads that exceed the maximum permitted weight and dimensions must acquire a special transport permit. For these special loads, certain taxes apply per each kilometer.

There are driving restrictions throughout the Hungarian road network for vehicles that exceed 7.5 tones. 

Hungary has a vignette tool system for the use of highways. This system has 4 vehicle tool categories depending on the size and weight of the motor vehicle. The car must contain safety equipment (first aid kit, warning triangle, etc.) and drivers should carry with them all of the necessary documentation required by law.

For more information about transporting goods in or from Hungary or if you want to set up a transportation company in Hungary, our Hungarian law firm  can help you with all the necessary legal information and advice. Contact our attorneys to see how we can help you.